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Cold storage door series 【DYNACO ENTREMATIC】


DYNACO high-speed cold storage door product features and industry-leading technology

The biggest function of cold storage door is to reduce the leakage of cold, to energy-saving effect. After years of cold storage doors in Europe and America use the test results show that the loss of energy in the cold the following three points is the most important:
① 80% through the door speed;
② 15% through the door around the seal;
③ 5% through the curtain.

Ø no weight soft bottom edge and complete security:
From 1987 to date, DYNACO FM2 has maintained a "zero accident" records. Absolute soft bottom ensures the complete safety of the DYNACO high-speed door.With the patented rack and pinion drive technology, the process of closing the door is no longer required to rely on the traditional weight of the bottom edge of the door, the surface of the curtain does not have any hard material, High-speed shut down can achieve the effect of preventing indoor and outdoor temperature and energy saving and other effects.Therefore, the high-speed off the door, In addition, each DYNACO high-speed doors are equipped with photoelectric protection and the door at the end of wireless anti-folder function for the customer's operating environment to provide multiple security.
Ø Self-repair function:
Soft high-speed cold storage door safety through the EU CE standard, standard number: EN12453, test number: EN12445 completely self-repair function is DYNACO iconic global patented technology: each frame FM2 high-speed cold storage doors are equipped with derailleur automatic repair system, When the door is hit, without any manual recovery. The door downtime and maintenance costs can be minimized.
Ø High sealing:
FM2 high-speed cold storage doors use the world's most advanced door track technology to achieve high sealing to reduce the loss of heat to achieve maximum energy savings, while abandoning the traditional blade and brush sealing system.The curtain zipper closely integrated with the guide The elimination of the gap in the design to achieve a true sense of the seal, to prevent the inflow of air and out of. Door and control box insulation system:

FM2 high-speed cold storage doors on both sides of the rails installed in the antifreeze heating cable, and installed in the control box insulation device, completely eliminate the ice problem within the slide, a great extension of the door life. Door antifreeze hot wire power low energy consumption! Life of up to 15 years.

Ø Speed advantages:
FM2 cold storage door opening speed of 2.4 m / s, closing speed of 1.2 m / sec. World patented rack and pinion technology not only ensures a high opening speed, 1.2 m / s closing speed is the highest in the cold storage industry Off speed. The test, in the cold storage temperature of -25 degrees Celsius: for 3 meters X3 meters of two fast doors, when the opening speed is the same, the closing speed of 1.2 m / s compared to 0.8 m / s high-speed door one year Electricity savings of nearly million.

Ø Wind resistance:
 Standard: EN12424; Test number: EN12444; Ø Extremely high service life: DYNACO high-speed cold storage door service life of at least one million times the shutdown period, the actual some have been Reaching seven to eight million times. According to the daily frequency of 700-800 times to calculate, DYNACO cold storage door life of at least 5 years.
Ø DYNAlOGICIII control system:
Powerful self-test control system and can expand the function of the rich interface, to maximize the customer's door to meet the different control functions and automatic functions. All functions are programmed into the PLC by computer. It has high performance, high reliability, high stability and high precision positioning. It also has soft start and slow stop function to guarantee the smooth operation of the door and increase the service life. Comes with fault recovery, turn off the power 10 seconds after the system automatically restore power. Control box can be installed inside the cold storage door. DYNALOGIC control box is equipped with door open button, emergency stop switch and a power switch. Protection class: IP54.
Multi-door interlock:
DYNALOGICII control system can simultaneously 16 DYNACO high-speed door interlock between the door, according to customer requirements DYNACO will develop tailored solutions.
Ø Open the door machine:
The motor driven by the inverter ensures smooth and smooth operation of the door. This technology guarantees a slow start and a slow stop of the door, thus greatly extending the life of the motor. DYNACO FM2 high-speed cold storage door opener protection class IP65, -35 degrees Celsius in the low temperature work.
Ø Special curtain material:
In order to better improve the energy efficiency of FM2 cold storage doors, customers can choose the insulation of the curtain material.This PVC curtain surface material, the middle filled with heat insulation material. As a result, the heat transfer on the curtain panel can be significantly reduced.
   Cold storage door case display
  Now with DYNACO FM2 cold storage door of the well-known European and American multinational customers are: Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Danone, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, IKEA, London airport cold storage, In Europe and the United States there are nearly 300 local customers have been using FM2 high-speed cold storage door.
Gordon Foods (Gordon食品)

HNA Cold Chain Holding Co
McLane Foods (MaLane食品)
Facciola (Facciola食品)
Pacific baking
US Food Service (美联食品)
Nash Finch
Maple Leaf Foods (Maple Leaf 食品)
Tim Hortons
Nesles (雀巢)
Danone (达能)
Coca Cola (可口可乐)
Singapore Airport (新加坡机场配餐中心)
Heathrow Airport (伦敦机场配餐中心)
United Kingdom
Carrefour (家乐福)
Commercial Cold Storage
South Africa
Kloosterboer Netherlands
Nova Natie Belgium
Vanden Avenne Vrieshuis
Van Heezik            

Some pictures:

 Wansheng door industry after-sales service system:
Our company has always been the spirit of "sincere dedication to quality for the letter," the purpose of uphold the "integrity • professional services" spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with high-quality cold storage after-sales maintenance services, won the praise users. At the same time from the original factory after-sales service technical guidance training, our staff not only has a wealth of fast doors, rapid accumulation of doors, quick sliding door after-sales practice experience, but also have good professional quality and high sense of responsibility. We are familiar with a variety of cold storage performance, maintenance and management, with excellent professional skills and common sense in all regions of the country have outlets, if your cold storage failure, as long as a phone. We will quickly come to provide quality cold storage after-sales service. Wansheng people to star service and value-added services as the basic concept of comprehensive all-embracing, agile, initiative is the service characteristics, so that the quality of service extends to pre-sale, sale, the whole process of sale, high-quality professional services team And all over the country's outlets, so Wansheng brand products and services integrated into the Wansheng team work together.

Wansheng company to better solve the problem of after-sales service, the establishment of a set of comprehensive after-sales service system to ensure that each user's equipment can run efficiently.
1, set up a special engineering and technical department, equipped with a number of experienced engineers, processing engineering, equipment installation, maintenance and other pre-sale service matters, and has a spare parts supply library, the rapid supply of components, So that our services more professional, efficient and perfect.
2, do a good job of the equipment sold records, customer use, maintenance and maintenance, etc., and timely and user communication to ensure the effective operation of customer equipment.
3, Wansheng company sold products, provide 1 year free warranty service (in normal use); to provide life-long maintenance services.
4, pre-sale site planning to provide design drawings, with on-site civil work; in the field of civil engineering, our company may send engineers to the site for technical guidance to ensure that the construction site is correct and effective completion.
5, Wansheng company in the installation and commissioning of the rapid volume door in the best working condition; free training of the user's operator (at least one person) to the proper use of equipment; warranty period in the equipment failure, our company will Within 1 hour to give a telephone or fax reply; if unable to solve by phone or fax, Wansheng company service engineers will be rushed to the equipment within 12 hours on-site to solve the problem until the equipment back to normal use; warranty period to maintain the equipment on a regular basis Maintenance; life for a discount price to provide equipment replacement parts of the installation work.

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