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Company Profile

Guangzhou WINSION Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional production of drum type rapid soft curtain door, fast rolling door, rapid door, door, door, high-speed high-speed high-speed shutter doors, fast shutter doors, automatic doors, rapid accumulation of high-tech enterprises door, metal free doors, industrial doors, sliding doors, PVC. The soft curtain, transparent soft plate, dustproof design and development, production and sales of electric engineering and other aspects in one of the strength of the company, selling products throughout the user.
WINSION in order to ensure the quality of products, customer satisfaction as the purpose, and strive to open up the market, is now in the country more than and 20 large and medium cities to establish a branch and product distributors. WINSION company to introduce advanced technology and equipment in France, imported parts, a variety of options available. The utility model has the advantages of fast, safe, no noise, dust prevention, indoor and outdoor air convection prevention, environment improvement, sanitation, long service life, etc..
Widely used in food, electronics, textiles, printing, packaging, refrigeration, automotive assembly, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, logistics warehousing. Used in indoor door admission and other fields, with its unique functional design, specifically for different types of user service. WINSION sincerely hope that through our joint efforts will as in the past, adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, for the purpose to safer, faster, more efficient service, offer the best quality products to you.
Company quality policy
Scientific management - with advanced modern mechanical testing, control each process. Quality first quality is the life of enterprise. Customer first - to provide perfect service for every user.
Quality target management
Finished product inspection pass rate of 100% months in the month of acceptance of the installation and acceptance rate of 99%
Company aim
Everyone thinks, everything is focused; the product is synchronized with the world. Company goal: to allow more WINSION company's products for modern enterprise services, and strive to create the quality of WINSION. 

High-end custom industrial fast gate

High Speed Door Industry Leader.

Was founded in 2004, in the field of rapid door to get a dozen patents, products and services through the world's top 500 enterprises inspection. High brand awareness.

Exports to the United States, Canada, Germany, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.


Core technology from France.

Strong Market Competitiveness.

Guangzhou WINSION Door's headquartered is in Guangzhou. We insist: product innovation, quality first, reputation first, with more safety, more rapid, more efficient service, offer the best quality products to you.

Using the latest high-frequency welding technology, Automatic splicing a molding, neatly seams, no wrinkles, no knife marks, splicing surface smooth appearance, no plastic cracking. Small and medium-sized welding machine processing can not meet the technical requirements.


Own R & D integrated production base.

Durable products, fewer failures, short production period.

Won the national high-tech enterprises, industrial production of fast door demonstration base.

Own ISO9001 quality system certification, industrial high speed door model enterprises.

The introduction of advanced technology in France, WINSION products are equipped with fault recovery function, turn off the power for 10 seconds, the power system automatically restore the original design process, restart the normal operation.


Perfect service.

Five-star response speed to solve pre-sale, sale, after-sale problems.

Pre-sale planning, provide design drawings.

WINSION will provide one year free warranty service (under normal use).

WINSION in the warranty period of failure, will be given within 1 hour of telephone or fax reply.



Guangzhou Wansheng Door Industry Co., Ltd. was established
China was in the light of product quality protection center rated as operating volumes door series of stable product quality and credibility of the credibility of double-protection model units.


Established WINSION (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established!


Established WINSION (Chongqing Co., Ltd.)


Established WINSION (Anhui) Co..Ltd


Established WINSION (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. And WINSION (Langfang) Co.,Ltd


By the appearance of profiles [wind-resistant ribs] [] with wind-resistant plate patent certificate


Was elected as a member of Guangzhou Quality Association unit


Established WINSION (Anhui) Co.,Ltd


Established WINSION (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd
Established WINSION (Xi'an) Co.,Ltd


Established WINSION (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd
Established WINSION (Changchun) Co.,Ltd
Was named the workers charitable enterprises


Was named the workers charitable enterprises
Was awarded the China manufacturing network certification providers


Established WINSION (Dalian) Co.,Ltd
Established WINSION (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd
【Design】 【rapid soft curtain door emergency manual lifter】 patent certificate
The utility model】 【soft curtain door and soft curtain door structure patent certificate


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