What type of smart opening method does your quick shutter door fit?


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What type of smart opening method does your quick shutter door fit?

Since the rapid shutter doors into the country, many shops have chosen this door, almost all of the big shopping malls can be seen. Fast shutter doors beautiful shape, easy to clean, mainly its own transparent, can be a good store to shop the essence of what is the product, direct to tell consumers. Into the store after the curtain in the crystal shutter set off, a kind of feeling of exposure to the Crystal Palace. This door in the background of neon lights even more gorgeous noble, inexplicable to the goods increased infinite modification. The following small series to introduce you to the different shutter doors for different installation environments suitable for smart way to open.
Quick shutter door smart way to open
Radar on: for regular access to forklifts and other vehicles, the passage of the passage of the door.
Advantages: automatic opening and closing, without personnel operation as long as the door into the radar sensor will automatically open.
Disadvantage: as long as there is a moving object through the radar sensing area when the door is open (the control handle in the automatic gear position), when the control handle in the manual position when the radar sensor does not work, then only the operation button, rope switch and other operations Door opening and closing).
Interlocking interlocking (two-door interlock): more for the higher level of dust-free plant doors, workshop doors, access door use. The automatic shutter door opening can be completed by connecting the automatic triggering sensor type device (such as radar, geomagnetic ring sensor, photoelectric sensor, etc.).
Geomagnetic ring open: (When the control box control handle hit the automatic gear position). As long as a metal object in the induction coil through the induction area (such as vehicles or other equipment, personnel push and pull metal cars, etc.), the door can automatically open. The sensitivity of the magnetic ring sensor is adjustable.
The door does not open when a person does not carry a metal object through the geomagnetic sensing area. When the control handle in the manual position when the geomagnetic induction does not work, this time only the operating button, rope switch and other operating door opening and closing.
Photoelectric induction open: people, vehicles equipped with photoelectric sensor area, the control sensor circuit to receive from the photoelectric sensor signals and direct the fast door open.
Advantages: No manual operation Fully automatic opening and closing (referring to the control handle in the automatic transmission position).
The above is on the rapid shutter door intelligent way to open the introduction, if there is any doubt you can contact our online customer service Oh, we will answer you one by one. Finally, Guangzhou Wansheng Door Industry Co., Ltd. I wish you a happy life, thank you for your reading!

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